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Fit for Life - Nancy Gibson

Group type: Life Groups
Schedule: Thursdays at 6:30pm
Group Target: Ages 19-30 Group Target: Ages 31-49 Group Target: Ages 50 & up Group Target: Married Group Target: Young Women Group Target: Young Men Group Target: Ladies Group Target: Men Regularity: Weekly
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We are thrilled that you are starting your journey toward better health. You will be equipped with practical tools and resources to bring health into every area of your life. Fit for Life is a ministry built with “love” as the motivation. It’s a reflection of God’s love for us. Your journey is one of progress, a journey to be Fit for Life. The class is free. Books will be available to purchase. 

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  • Elbert Gibson (Leader) phone-thick-o icon 574-453-3280
  • Nancy Gibson (Leader) phone-thick-o icon 574-453-3280
  • Brian Miller

  • Carl Fairfax ll

  • Cindy Hollar

  • Kim Johnson

  • Lisa Bronson

  • Peggy Arnett

  • Sandy Gray